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To make the transition to a healthy, happier life as simple and easy as possible.
We aim to create a no excuse, goal exceeding, comfortable environment where nobody is a stranger and you have all the necessary tools and more to change your life for the better, forever.

What is Fit Factory?

Fit Factory PT is a boutique personal training facility with a twist.

Our primary focus is to educate clients and give them the tools to become stronger, not just physically but mentally and spiritually.

We are a safe, non judgemental gym environement where all members are here for the common goal, achieving greatness and bettering ourselves.

Through constant guidance of experienced and highly qualified trainers you will embark on a personal journey, leading you to become a stronger, better version of yourself.

We pride ourselves on having a friendly and supportive yet challenging environment, where everyone knows each others names.

Make fit factory your home, be comfortable and achieve great things.



David Breccia


Completed a bachelors degree in sports and exercise science in 2011, David has been working in the industry for over 10 yrs and has experience in both gym and different sporting environments.



"my passion is to educate and help people achieve goals which they previously thought unachievable"

Specialising in rehab, sports specific, weight loss, resistance and body sculpting. 


Heading 2


BOX FIT: BoxFit is a circuit based class which involves the use of the core, legs, upper body, shoulders, and hips. It is also a great cardio and strength workout. Exercises involved in a BoxFit class may include crunches, shuttle runs, push ups, sit up and squats which all have punching moves incorporated, in order to get you moving like a real boxer

BOOTCAMP: A class designed to increase both fitness and strength, pushing you to your limit through a variety of intense group intervals over a 1-hour period of time.

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Resistance equipment
Cardio equipment

Fit Factory has been built and structured so that commercial grade equipment is used. While it may not look like your average gym environment, with big, unnecessary machines everywhere, rest assured that the factory has been created to accomodate all skill levels and left no leaf unturned in terms of being able to hit all muscle groups. The factory has been created with only necessary equipment, hand picked to create a diverse yet specific style.


The factory will feel like its yours and be available to you 6days a week, with members encouraged to implement their own training on their days off and attend group classes which run.


Our Address:

u2 59-69 Halstead st, South Hurstville


0405 090 666

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